Facial Scars

Facial Scars

If you have facial scars, they may not need treatment. However, if they bother you for aesthetic reasons, there are plenty of options for reducing or camouflaging  them through cosmetic surgery in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Matt Goldschmidt in Cleveland, Ohio will offer you two main categories of treatment for facial scarring : cosmetic surgery or camouflaging treatment. Either one of these methods can be highly effective if you can find a highly skilled practitioner of cosmetic surgery in Ohio.

Surgical Removal/Revision

This technique is often suggested for revising scars. Although surgery usually creates new scars, a skilled cosmetic surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio will be capable of removing or minimizing existing scars in a way that creates new scars that will be easier to treat using other methods, such as laser skin resurfacing.


Depending on the type of scar, dermabrasion can be used to blend the adjacent, unaffected skin with the area of the scar.  This helps make the scar far less noticeable.   Although the technique will not completely eradicate a scar, it can be used to minimize highly noticeable and excessive scars. In addition, in the months following the treatment, your body will produce a heightened amount of collagen that will encourage the reduction of scars.

Further Options

As you consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio, your doctor may suggest products that can be applied daily to reduce the prominence of facial scars. Also, atrophic scars or areas where the underlying tissue has been affected may benefit from fat grafting.  This can also improve the quality of the scar along with topical agents.