Cosmetic Botox


Cosmetic BOTOX

As one of the biggest names in cosmetic surgery, Botox Cosmetic is a popular treatment in Cleveland, Ohio. With the help of an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Matt Goldschmidt, Botox can reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles quickly and effectively. Since it does not require surgery, many patients who wish to avoid any downtime or any significant recovery period, turn to using Botox for their needs.

Eliminating Lines

Botox cosmetic works by erasing both static and dynamic lines, whereas facial fillers use some a gel-like substance to fill in wrinkles. The advantage of Botox is that it can target the dynamic lines that are often unaffected by other cosmetic surgery options.

  • Static lines: the fine lines and wrinkles that are present when your face is at rest. Generally caused by age, these lines are best treated by facial fillers or skin resurfacing.
  • Dynamic lines: the lines that are caused by animated facial expressions. Other forms of treatment besides Botox usually have a difficult time in eradicating these lines.

How Botox Works

If you choose to use Botox, Dr. Goldschmidt, an experienced cosmetic surgeon, will inject small amounts of the product. The injection works to relax your facial muscles so that they cannot cause any more wrinkles and fine lines.

Within a week, you will see a dramatic improvement as your facial muscles relax. Results may last for up to 4 months, and once the effects have diminished, the treatment may be repeated.   With a long history of effective procedures, Botox cosmetic is one of the most reliable methods of reducing wrinkles and fine lines.