Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)/Brow Lift

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) / Brow Lift

Eyelid Lift

View Before & After PhotosNothing brightens a patient’s appearance like removing excess skin harbored around the eyes. Cosmetic surgery in Ohio has many rewards for Dr. Goldschmidt. The greatest one, however, is seeing the eyes of a patient light up after first seeing the results of a successful eyelid lift. An eyelid lift (or blepharoplasty) is a surgery done to address the lack of elasticity resulting in sagging upper and lower eye lids. The work will not only enhance your physical appearance, it will even help your vision. Lasting 5 to 7 years, the best candidates are the ones who have realistic expectations about what the surgery would achieve. Eyelid surgery is most often performed on adults no younger than age 35.

At your consultation, come prepared to ask questions. Where will you be taken after surgery? When will stitches be removed? When can I stop taking medication? When getting cosmetic surgery in Northern Ohio, Dr. Goldschmidt does everything he can to make sure the patient feels well-prepared. Once the anesthesia is administered, the doctor will make an incision in areas where scarring will be well hidden by the natural folds of the eyelids. Any excess fat is removed, giving fat deposits, muscles, and tissue room to reposition. Doctors use a variety of things to seal up the incision, utilizing sutures, skin adhesives, and tape. Patients should be prepared to miss 1 or 2 weeks of work in order to properly recover. After several weeks, swelling and bruising will go away to reveal the results.

Brow Lift

Life provokes an array of emotions, all of which are recorded in the wrinkles on our foreheads. The way people perceive us depends on our facial expression. If you feel like the expression lines on your brow region are misrepresenting you, visiting Dr. Goldschmidt for cosmetic surgery in Ohio might be your solution. By having him perform a brow lift operation, you can restore a youthful and energized appearance.
Using the latest technology available in the industry (endoscope), Dr. Goldschmidt will first make small incisions in the hair line. The tissue and muscle beneath the skin can then be adjusted. This means Dr. Goldschmidt will take care of those creases by correcting the source. Areas of focus may also be on the area between eyebrows and above the nose.
A more invasive technique that is also used is called the coronal brow lift. An incision is made across the scalp from ear to ear. Excess tissue and muscles are removed from behind the skin of the forehead. Most cosmetic surgeons in Ohio prefer the new endoscopic method when it is available, because of the shortened recovery time. The incision is closed with sutures, skin adhesives, clips, or tape. Sometimes, permanent sutures might be necessary to keep the brow elevated. It generally takes 5 to 10 days to heal from this type of procedure. Complete return to normal with no swelling or bruising might take as long as 2 to 3 months. Long-lasting results can be further extended by maintaining healthy diet and avoiding sun burn.