Facial Fillers

Facial Fillers

View Before & After PhotosAs you assess your options for cosmetic surgery in Northern Ohio, you will quickly discover that there are endless options for improving the appearance of your skin. Facial fillers are one of the most popular strategies for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, but even within that category there are a myriad of options. Here are some of the options that are frequently recommended by plastic and cosmetic surgeons in  Cleveland, Ohio.


Produced by the same company as BOTOX, Juvederm is one of the latest innovative options on the market in the U.S. The gel is known for containing the highest levels of cross-linked hyaluronic acid available. Once injected, Juvederm is smooth and consistent under the skin in order to create youthful volume.


Restylane was the first filler to appear on the U.S. market and is still one of the most popular options. Composed of natural ingredients, Restylane is devoid of animal products in order to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Restylane is injected directly into the skin or lips to create benefits that last for around six months.


Perlane has qualities similar to Restylane, but the molecules are larger in order to allow greater fullness. In addition, Perlane is known for long-lasting effects, since it often succeeds in reducing wrinkles and fine lines for 12 months.


Most often used to treat fine lines around the nose and mouth, Radiesse is made up of calcium-based microspheres. Radiesse effectively stimulates collagen and encourages the growth of tissues for a year.


This recent addition to facial fillers options is renowned for its safety and efficacy. Belotero can be used to successfully diminish even the most severe wrinkles and fine lines.