Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

View Before & After PhotosIn modern society, we all love the idea of having plump, full lips. However, many of us don’t have them naturally, so cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Cleveland, Ohio offer a variety of options to assist patients who wish to enhance their lips. Since lip enhancement generally employs a facial filler to augment the appearance of the lip, the procedure is often similar.

Augmentation Options

Although many of our facial fillers can be used to for lip enhancement, there are a few that are particularly well suited for the procedure as a part of cosmetic plastic surgery in Northeastern Ohio. These choices include:

  • Restylane: using hyaluronic acid, Restalyne is a typical filler for lip enhancement. The filler uses biodegradable gel that employs substances found naturally in the body in order to avoid the risk of allergic reactions. Most patients prefer Restylane over traditional collagen due to its long-lasting effects.
  • Belotero: this recently released option is popular thanks to its high levels of safety. In addition, Belotero creates a natural, comfortable look that can be slowly enhanced.  This can also be used to get rid of the fine vertical lines of the lips commonly seen as we get older.
  • Juvederm: similar to Restylane, it is another long-lasting choice, Juvederm is praised for a smooth, plump appearance.
  • Lip implants: made of solid silcone (Surgisil), the lip implant is a bit more pricey but has the potential to last for many years.  It can become infected or have other problems, but generally, are well tolerated by patients.
  • Fat transfer:  A small amount of fat can be removed from another area of the body and placed into the lips.  Some of the fat, unfortunately, may melt away but a significant amount may stay in the lips and produce a soft, fuller lip.

Which One Should I Choose?

You will discover many other options, but a consultation with our established cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Goldschmidt, will give you insight into which option will be most effective for you.  Sometimes a combination of treatment may be necessary to achieve the fullness your desire.  He will understand what aspects of your life to take into consideration, such as allergies, age, and lifestyle.

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