Mini Face Lift

Mini Face Lift | Cleveland

Dr. Matt Goldschmidt is an expert in facial cosmetic surgery in Cleveland, Ohio.  A facelift not only addresses loose skin of the neck and face, but it also replaces volume that may be lost as we get older.  The mini facelift is similar but is better for patients who have less severe effects of aging.   The mini face lift is a great option for those looking for less invasive help with saggy jaw lines or necks.  This is a very common procedure as it combines tightening the skin, adding volume to areas using facial fillers, and well hidden small incisions  to address common effects of aging.  Good candidates for mini face lifts range in age from mid-thirties to fifties and have signs of mild to moderate skin damage and effects from aging.  Unwanted excess skin is often first noted by patients in their thirties. They want to take care of it quickly and affordably, before it becomes a problem that they need a full facelift and other procedures.

Incision are usually made in the front of the ear and under the chin. Dr. Goldschmidt advises that anyone coming for cosmetic surgery in Ohio seriously consider the state of their skin. Just because you think you need cosmetic surgery doesn’t mean you need a mini face lift. You might have more excess fat or a significant amount of loose skin, leading the doctor to conclude that you should have a more in-depth surgery.  Following the advice of  Dr. Matt Goldschmidt, will insure that you will get the best results from your mini face lift surgery.

In order to decrease downtime, Dr. Goldschmidt uses the most modern technologies and concepts to your advantage.   The mini face lift may only take a few short hours to complete. The majority of patients find that they can return to work in just a few days. Other procedures such as facial skin resurfacing or Botox can be done at the same time if desired.  A procedure that yields such great results in so little time is unprecedented in the industry. It gives people the opportunity to experience what benefits cosmetic surgery has to offer without spending a lot of time or money.

If you need a lift and have never undergone a facial rejuvenation, don’t feel like you have to deal with the expense of a traditional face lift. Consider trying a mini face lift at our Cleveland cosmetic surgery center. It’s minimally invasive, yields natural-looking results, is affordable, and remains very convenient.